Local Good Fundraising

Introducing Local Good Fundraising

We are excited to announce a new name for our business. Stevco Fundraising has served us well since we started this business in 1984. However, it doesn’t really say anything about who we are today. If you have worked with us at all you know that we are super passionate about local business and that the majority of our products are local. Thus, our new name:

Local Good Fundraising

This name reflects our mission to help youth organizations raise money through the sale of locally made goods.

Over the past few years, we have shifted our focus toward offering youth organizations locally made products (or goods) to sell for their fundraisers. We love that our programs not only help these groups raise money, but they give back to the community by supporting local business.

With our name change, we are doubling down on our efforts to support local. Over the next few years, you will see more and more local products available to help your group raise money.

Additionally, we will be offering new types of programs, such as our Local Good Box, to further promote local businesses and help local groups.

We've been serving our community for almost 40 years now. We've never been more excited to help youth organizations raise money than we are right now! The world has changed significantly since we started. One positive is that many people have come back to the idea of supporting local first. We can't wait to continue to promote this idea in exciting new ways through our available fundraisers. We hope you'll join us!