Local Good Fundraising

The Local Good Box

A Completely No-Touch Online Fundraiser

The Local Good Box is a fundraiser that helps your group raise money through the sale of locally made goods. It runs completely online, with shipping directly to the customer. This is a great hands-free fundraiser that supports your group and local businesses.

A Fundraiser in a Box

With the many changes the world has been experiencing, we knew we had to think outside the box to provide you with a fundraising option that was completely no-touch.

So we put on our creative thinking caps, did some fancy brainstorming exercises, and came up with a wild idea …. a box.

  • Local NY: Each box is filled with goods made in New York
  • No-Touch: Customers will buy their boxes online and get them shipped directly to them
  • Ongoing Profits: Your group will receive a check with profits from your sales every month
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Is this really no-touch?

The beauty of this fundraiser is that it's completely online. You simply send out invites via email or social media. All orders are shipped directly to the customer, anywhere in the U.S.

What's in the box?

Each box will have locally made goods. We are putting together things like pancake mixes made in Auburn with syrup made in Clifton Springs, or jam made in Naples with crackers made in Saratoga Springs. Your customers will be able to pick from a selection of boxes that we will update every month.

How will my group profit?

When someone makes a purchase from the store, they will select your group on checkout. For each box sold by your group, you’ll make $3 - $5 profit. You will receive a check from us, along with a report on the number of boxes sold, each month.

Get Started with The Local Good Box

Starting this fundraiser is really simple. Fill out the form below to sign up. Once we approve your group, we will add you to the store and you can get started.

When can we run it?

You can run this fundraiser all year long. This can be an ongoing source of revenue for your group. Every month, we’ll update the boxes available for sale. We encourage you to continue to send out monthly reminders to your participants. As long as you are actively promoting the fundraiser, you’ll make a profit every month that your group has sales.

Spreading the word.

We encourage you to send out invites to shop at the store. You can share these directly if you have a list or you can ask your group members/students to send invites to friends and family. For images and text suggestions, visit our Spread the Word page.

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Get More Info

Whether you are ready to get started or want more info, fill out the form below and we'll be in touch.